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Founder of ICPKP
by: Bruce A J Dewe MD NZRK MICAK (USA)Chancellor, Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation BoardAuthor: ICPKP Database Vols A, B, C.Dean, ICPKP. July 2006.

Wednesday 26 July, 2006

Kinesiology Students and Practitioners: these new Acupuncture Charts will enhance your clinic and your credibility.

One of the things you will notice is that the ICPKP meridian charts differ from those found in many other kinesiology textbooks. ICPKP adopted the meridian pathways as approved by the ICAK - the college that teaches Applied Kinesiology to MDs, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. (Other kinesiologies adopted Dr. John Thie's Touch for Health acupuncture charts which were drawn for lay-persons - not professionals).

Recently Thankam Rydstrand, teacher of zen shiatsu at NatureCare College in Sydney, Australia, produced the new "Living Meridian" acupuncture charts because she felt that existing meridian charts lacked a certain connection with reality. The acupuncture points were located and drawn by a team of practitioners on a male model who was then photographed.

While points may differ from the meridians as approved by the ICAK they are probably the most accurate acupuncture charts available in the western world today. These charts are a sound investment and will be very useful wallcharts in your future clinic.

Stay away from the myriad of different acupuncture charts available in other textbooks.

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