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President NZ Register of Acupuncturists
by: Paddy McBride MHlthSci(TCM)President

Sunday 26 November, 2006

As acupuncture students we spent many hours drawing dots and lines on each other as we learned our point location. These magnificent charts, produced by Thankam Rydstrand and her team, would have helped us immeasurably as we argued over whether the point was here or just a little further along. To be able to see the points and the channels represented so accurately on an actual human body was something we only dreamed of.

Unlike when looking at a two dimensional drawing, when using these charts it is possible to immediately see the relationship between the different channels as well as how they are affected by the musculature of the body. Because of the colour coding system used, the channels are easily differentiated and the labelling of the points is distinct and clear. The Legend and Point Category boxes on the sides of the charts further aid in their ‘user-friendliness’.

It is my opinion that every college of acupuncture and shiatsu should have these charts readily available for their students to study and absorb. They are by far the very best I have ever seen in the twenty years I have been involved in the world of acupuncture and I would like to acknowledge the achievement of the entire team involved with their production. In having access to such detailed, accurate and beautiful charts, students of the future have a great deal to be grateful for.

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