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The Living Meridian Teaching Bundle is a starter kit for colleges and teachers. It consists of a set of banners plus matching wallcharts.

Banners in the Large bundle are a minimum 2000 mm x 1080 mm (80 in x 43 in), longer if additional options are selected.

The standard size of 2000 mm x 1080 mm (80 in x 43 in) is for a bare printed banner. Selecting some other options will add an extra 150mm (6 in) length

Printing: Digitally printed on 456gsm, 1000 denier High Resolution Vinyl which is Water and UV Resistant

Fixings: The banner is priced according to hanging requirements. The base price is for the bare banner only.

Do you have special requirements? Smaller/bigger? Transparencies? Cloth? Wall mountings? "Ask us a Question!"

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