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The Living Meridian Banner is an ideal teaching aid as the linework is easily seen from a distance. Choose a single view (left, front, back or right side) of the model in anatomical position.

Note: If you wish to buy a number of views go to the Living Meridian Banner Set (Small, Medium, Large) instead.

We can print these banners at any size but our standard sizes are based on the model's height of 1850 mm plus a header and footer of about 160 mm (6 in) for fixings:

  • Full (100%) - 2010 mm x 1068 mm (80 in x 42 in)
  • Medium (83%) - 1675 mm x 890mm (66 in x 35 in)
  • Small (54%) - 1092 mm x 580 mm (43 in x 23 in)

Other sizes can be supplied - "Request a Quote"

Customization: Your banner can be customized with your own logo and/or business message (business name and contact details). Adding your business message or logo increases the long dimension by ≈ 10%. When you order this we will contact you to determine the precise location and layout. Note that the cost is a one off fee for the first copy of each image used and is automatically calculated at checkout. There is no additional customization cost for copies of that banner.

Printing: Digitally printed in full colour at 150dpi or better on high quality vinyl suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Inks are UV stable. Other materials are available on request.

Fixings: The banner is priced according to hanging requirements. The base price is for bare banner only. Outdoor banners are usually printed on heavy duty vinyls and are stitched on the ends, with brass eyelets inserted.

Do you have special requirements? Smaller/Bigger? Transparencies? Cloth? Wall mountings? We can help! "Request a Quote!"


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