The Shiatsu College, Norwich, UK

I have had a look at the charts - it is pretty amazing to see what you have done. I am going to suggest that we mount them and use them at the local branch of The Shiatsu College here in Norwich.

It is really great to see a group grappling with this challenge - I would definitely recommend any shiatsu practitioner or teacher to take a look at these charts...

Cliff Andrews
Teacher, Author, Moderator of

The author of Shiatsu Theory and Practice

Thankam Rydstrand's charts are absolutely beautiful and show Zen meridians on their own or combined with the classical ones. They are wonderful charts and I can imagine how much work went into them.

Carola Beresford-Cooke
Teacher, author

The author of Ocean of Streams

Congratulations on your own charts. Such a project is not for the faint-hearted and to produce such quality. Very well done!

Veet Allan
Teacher, author

The Shiatsu College, London, UK

Congratulations on producing what looks to be a really useful resource.

Lee Sanger MRSS(T)

International School of Shiatsu, Pennsylvania, USA

Beautiful presentation, clear and accurate display of meridians and points. Enthusiastic response from students.
Leo McElroy, B.S., ABOTA CP
Senior Shiatsu Instructor

The Living Meridian Charts are clear, precise and beautiful to look at. They appear multi-dimensional, defining motion and flow of the meridians. I believe they will be a valuable teaching tool in the classroom.
Diane Hynes, B.S., ABOTA CP
Senior Shiatsu Instructor

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